How to hide your files in android using dialer app ?

Hi everyone! Today I am going to tell How to hide your files in android using dialer app ?
     We may use file hiding apps to hide our files in our phone. But anyone who get's access to your phone can find the app. But this app will be like a perfect dialer app. Anyone seeing it will think it is normal dialer of your phone. You can hide files by dialing secret codes. So let's get into it.
1. First install an app called Dialer vault. Click here to install it from play store. Or Click here to download the apk file.
2.Install the app and open it.
3. Give all the necessary permissions for the app.

4.You can also set a security question and answer so that you can use in case you forgot your code.
5. Now create a code with four digits.

5. Now you will see options to hide images, videos, files, contacts, etc. Tap on the option you want and you can hide them.

5. That's it. You can check whether the files are hided or not. No one will feel suspicious about the app as it works as a normal phone app. You can even use as a regular dialer.
        So that was a trick to hide your personal files in your smartphone. Hope you liked the post. And don't forget to subscribe my blog for more content. If you found this useful pls share this to your friends.
Thank You! 


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